Fundraising Incentives & Tips

Large Group Riding


Almost every person you know has been touched by cancer in some way. So, we all have a personal stake in helping others fight this disease!

We want to congratulate you for your efforts in raising money to help those battling cancer. This year, we have some AWESOME incentive prizes to show you just how much we appreciate you and your hard work! After this year's ride, we will calculate the funds that each Rider has raised. Depending on which level you fall in, you can choose a prize in that level or below. Here are this year's fundraising incentive prizes:

2017 Patrick's Ride Incentive Prizes

*Please note: All images are not the actual 2017 Patrick's Ride Incentive designs/images. All incentives will be ordered after the 2017 Patrick's Ride event. Please give us up to 8 weeks after the event to get the item ordered and shipped to you. Thank you.

Here are some suggestions to help you meet your fundraising goals for the 2017 Patrick's Ride:

  • It All Starts With YOU!

Fundraising is a difficult task for some, but truly, it is something to be proud of and enthusiastic about. You are giving your time to help fight a terrible disease impacting local children and adults with cancer.  So, don’t be afraid to ask!

  • Use social Media to Help You!

If you have a Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or a Blog account – use it to tell your friends about this event and why you are participating. Give them your testimony about why your participation is meaningful to you and then make sure to share the link to your personal web page. You might just be surprised at the number of people who will donate to your cause!

  • Email your Friends and Family Members!

You can encourage them to get involved through seeing you off at the start line, donating on your behalf or volunteering that day! Always include a link to your ride webpage!

  • Contact the Places You Frequent Often!

Ask them to be a sponsor or to sponsor you! If you’ve been a loyal customer to a certain restaurant, dry cleaner, tavern, etc. ask them to sponsor you in the ride. You can create a simple letter, explain why you’re riding to fight cancer and ask them for their support! Then follow up with a phone call!

  • Hold a Mini Fundraiser of Your Own!

There are all sorts of ways to raise money for a good cause. Tag sales, baked good sale, car wash, book sale, dress down days, penny collections! Get your kids involved and make it a family fundraiser to fight cancer.

  • Host a Happy Hour!

It's fun and easy to invite your family, friends and co-workers! See if you can get a restaurant to donate the appetizers and one drink per person. Charge each person $20 to attend. The guests will have a great time, the restaurant/tavern will still make money from the cash bar and the best part is that all the proceeds can go to fight cancer!

  • Be Clear About Where the Money Goes!

Make sure your supporters understand that this ride has raised over $605,000 to benefit children and adult cancer patients. The funds have been used to improve patient care, to provide patient assistance, and to support a retreat for cancer patients and their families.

  • Make Sure to Thank Your Donors!

Let them know the outcome of your fundraising efforts and the difference their contribution has made!